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   Child Care Positions: 

We specialize in all varieties of Professional Childcare Positions based on our client's needs. 




Temporary can be full-time or part-time. We request the client to book these on a consistent work schedule. We book these based on the length of the assignment. Temporary is considered anything under one-year commitment.  We place mainly temporary nanny positions, temporary nanny positions with a stay-at-home mom or work from home parent, summer nanny, holiday nanny, travel nanny, relief nanny, and a mother's helper. These are a great way to make extra income, gain additional experience, and take an extra assignment until your long-term position begins. 



Professional Nanny Placements are considered by us to be long-term. Long-term is anything over a one-year commitment. Our average placement stays with our NM family 3-5 years and many placements return to us after staying with their NM Family 9-10 years. Our goal is to find a family that is the perfect match not only for the client but for the placement. Our placement process is extremely extensive and this helps us locate the perfect match!

NM Professional Nanny Placements are considered to be an outstanding career opportunity! We highly encourage that the client offers great competitive pay. The pay rate is NOT based on the current standard rate, it is based on the placement individually. We base the pay rate on the placement's professional in-home nanny experience, considering how long the placement has stayed with each former family, knowledge of the placement and their education. Of course, having excellent professional and personal character references are required. Along with a great attitude, exhibiting a hard-working personality, being a self-starter, a great team player, establishing credibility with punctuality are important factors as well! NM Families are also seeking placements that are excellent in expressing creativity with educational learning for each age needed and this is huge marketing plus for the placement. Additionally, we encourage that the family offers the following to the placement to secure a long-term commitment: paid time off, paid holidays, paid vacation, car for work-related use or mileage reimbursement for work miles, and maybe even some allowances, such as health insurance allowance,  cell phone allowance, and/or housing allowance. We feel by offering these incentives the placement will want to stay for as long as the need exists with the family! Again, long term!


Many of the NM Nanny placements are considered to be hybrid positions in the business! Meaning, the clients are seeking a Professional Nanny/Nanny Manager, Professional Nanny/Family Assistant, Professional Nanny/Housekeeper, Professional Nanny/House Manager. We seek the highest level of positions in the industry and we want to market you at your highest rate. Thereby, our client wants someone who is a true professional that is their ideal fit! 



Professional Governess Placements are considered to be the very top of the industry. Professional Governess Placements are a Professional Nanny Placement, all that is listed above and more... 

Professional Governess Placements not only take on the professional nanny placement role they take on the educational role. 

Professional Governess Placements have a related college degree in either: Early Childhood Development, Early Childhood Education, or something relative. Many even have a Masters in Education as well. 

These placements specialize in educational learning not only in tutoring for children for educational purposes but also in everyday life! 




We offer many of the Professional Newborn Placements. We offer Infant Specialist, Newborn Specialist, Baby Nurses, and Postpartum Doulas Positions. 

NM Infant Specialist/Newborn Specialist Placements specializes in assisting the mom with the little one. Providing care for a 12-hour shift or 24-hour shift. Many will work three-week assignments to one-year to two-years assignments. All are based on the family's needs. NM Placements focus on the feeding and sleeping schedule by creating it and establishing or following the parent's current routine. In the 24-hour shift, we do encourage NM Client's to offer a 4-5 hour break to allow the placement to rest and prepare for their next shift. 

NM books these positions in assignments and require our clients to pay a deposit to secure the assignment date and the length of the assignment. 



Professional Baby Nurse Placements are also an Infant Specialist/Newborn Specialist that is listed above. But, they are also are a Registered licensed Nurse with a degree in Nursing. 

In some states, state law requires them to be defined accordingly. Therefore, it is important that the placement understands this as they could be considered to work in one of these states on an assignment. 


Professional Baby Nurse Placements are considered to have more clinical background and its very marketable for them to have a private home experience as well. Many Baby Nurse Placements specialize in special needs, preemies, multiple births/infants, and special equipment: monitors and etc...

NM books these positions in assignments and require our clients to pay a deposit to secure the assignment date and the length of the assignment. 


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