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Managing a formal household can lead to $100,000 a year!

Currently, are you a personal home manager, household manager, or an estate house manager or wanting to work your way up to this role? Learn more about the current private house manager salary and the private manager salary.

Nannies and more...®International is a leading industry expert for professional career household managers in estate management.

Currently salaries are based the placement's experience, education, and knowledge in the industry.

Personal Home Manager, House Manager, and Household Manager duties are similar. Many clients refer to their jobs using these titles, however; its important to define the job duties with each family. Placements with at least 5 years of professional house manager experience usually start at a higher rates. Many ask us what is considered a great private house manager salary or private estate manager salary? We usually see a seasoned house manager hourly rate starting at $35.00 per hour and they usually work 50 hours and up per week. Any hours over 40-hours, should be paid at an overtime rate. Always ask for a guarantee of minimum hours and we suggest 45-50 hours, as this is pretty standard in the industry. These roles are different based on the size of the property. Estate Managers usually oversee properties that are 10,000 square feet and larger and also have the experience managing these types of properties. Therefore, the rate is higher and the duties are usually more. Many seasoned Estate Managers hourly rate start at $50 per hour, based on a 15,000 square foot home and larger.

If you are interested in viewing these types of Estate Household Manager Jobs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist with new position listings.

Again, there are many titles that are used in house and estate management, however, the rate should be based the placement's experience that is similar to the role(s) that are being requested. Make sure you clarify each role in detail.

Regardless of the different job titles:

  • Household Manager

  • Personal Home Manager

  • House Manager

  • Estate Manager

  • Estate House Manager

  • Estate Household Manager

Step 1: Define the duties.

Many duties are considered to standard in these roles. However, when the client ask for hybrid roles, the more money you can ask for with each additional role.

Step 2: Add in other outside requests.

Is there travel involved, additional hours- weekends, early morning/early evening, special events, special functions that are required? These are need to be added into the rate.

Step 3: Make sure you are not selling yourself short.

Your professional experience is very valuable along with your hard earned professional credibility. Sell yourself at a high rate that you can stay in the position long-term.


Nannies and more...®International is a leading industry expert for professional career household managers in estate management. Nannies and more...® International is considered to be one of the top estate manager placement agencies in the US and Worldwide. Please visit our social media pages to recent updates.

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