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The Money Makers..... The Professional Nanny!

Did you say you were a Nanny? I thought about becoming a Nanny? Is that is a true career profession? Yes, I am a Professional Nanny!Yes, an excellent career profession. Actually when people start thinking about careers, they never think about the opportunity of being a nanny, as a high paying profession! Professional Nannies with 5 years of full-time experience that have been with families long-term are very marketable and make anywhere from $35,000 to $160,000 a year! We have placed nannies in that range many of times! But what is the secret from $35,000 to $75,000 to $90,000 to six figures? The answer is being available/flexible and willing to go the extra mile for a family! This is the start! Being willing to do occasional overnights, assist with travel, assist with other duties, such as, family assistance, cooking, organization, and assist with management of projects/events. To get to the top of the high figures, the best plan is to invest in yourself! Learn another conversational language, such as, French and/or Spanish, so you can teach the children a second language. Purchase that passport and travel International with the family on long trips 1-2 weeks. Learn the newest ways from reading literature and publications to update on taking care of that newborn! Stay on top of the industry! Invest in a child related degree that can help you educate the children, as they progress in age. Then you can consider yourself as a Nanny/Governess. Lastly, consider the location! Many nannies are willing to relocate for the right pay! This is very marketable! Professional Nannies make excellent money! The positions are even set up with benefits. Many offer health insurance allowance, paid vacation, paid holidays, car allowances or a car provided for work related use, housing allowance, cell phone allowance, & bonuses. If you like more information on how to become a professional nanny please email us at Nannies and more® International specializes in top paying positions in the nanny industry. Nannies and more® International leads as the top professional nanny agency in the world! We specialize in the following cities:

Nannies and more® International Atlanta

Nannies and more® International Bethesda

Nannies and more® International Boca Raton

Nannies and more® International Boston

Nannies and more® International Dallas

Nannies and more® International Greenwich

Nannies and more® International Houston

Nannies and more® International New York City

Nannies and more® International Palm Beach


Just Graduated? Do you have experience with children? Consider Professional Nanny for a Private Family! Excellent opportunities! Learn more at

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