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Frequently asked questions

What is a Registered Placement?

A Registered Placement is a candidate whom has received an approval from the Processing Division to work with the Placement Division. You will receive an approval email that you've turned in all neccesary information and your file is up-to-date and complete.

What information is needed to be considered a Registered Placement?

To be considered as a Registered Placement you must have atleast 5 years of professional experience OR a related college degree with 3 years of professional experience. All information must be completed with our NM Processing Division. This information includes: an updated resume; three current personal character references; three current professional references; clear criminal history; and a clear driving record. Candidate must have excellent references and a clean online presence.

How do I update my information?

Email all updated information to processing@nanniesandmoreinternational.com

How do I find out about jobs?

We will contact you! Due to all our specialized areas, we are always receiving a high quantity of incoming jobs. Therefore, please make sure all of your information is updated. We contact you via telephone, email, if you like, and/or text message. How it works-- Please remember, we believe in long-term placement! We want to be a success in finding the right fit! Therefore, we act as a headhunter, so we look for exactly what the client is ideally seeking in their position! So, we target candidates based on the job's scope/description, client's needs, specialized focuses, such as, travel, overnights, and work schedule, and the location(s) of the position. Your Important Part-- Its very important that you completed the Placement Informational Packet accurately based on your ideal position(s). Take your time to determine what you are currently seeking! This plays a huge role in long-term placement. We find your prospective position(s) based on what you tell us you are seeking in your new ideal position! Again, your information you list in our Placement Informational Packet helps us determine the exact match for the right family! Does NM post or advertise your jobs?
Due to extremely high volume, ALL POSITIONS DO NOT make it to our website and/or social media. These positions are posted to give the registered placement an idea of what type of positions are available. You can apply to the jobs, however, we are in an employer's market and typically we try to fill interviews within 24/48 hours.
WE DO NOT SIT ON ANY POSITIONS. Please feel free to check in with us at any time via email. Please note, many of our placement coordinators do not work the phone lines, only behind the scenes. So, please use direct email access to follow up at processing@nanniesandmoreinternational.com (prospective placements) for immediate service.
If you are a registered placement checking the current status of positions, please email rp@nanniesandmoreinternational.com to follow up with us.
Requirements: You must be a registered placement to be considered for our positions. You must have all of your information completed and updated. Please contact processing@nanniesandmoreinternational.com if you are not a registered placement

Do I resubmit my informational packet if I already done one in the past?

Yes, it is very important to keep your information updated. We use your placement informational packet to locate your ideal family. We recognize that it is a lengthly process, but we want the best for you in the industry! Therefore, it is very important to make sure all information is accurate and explains what you are currently seeking.

How do I contact Registered Placement Division?

Due to high volume, we do not work the phone lines, only behind scenes. Please use direct email access to follow up at rp@nanniesandmoreinternational.com for immediate service. If you like to speak with a representative, we will be happy to make an appointment with a placement coordinator representative and they will be happy to speak to you about your needs. Please contact rp@nanniesandmoreinternational.com to setup an appointment time.