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 Spring 2023
Due to the high volume of new positions, some job postings are being updated at this time.
Please check back with us as we post all new publications.
We highly recommend you apply with us. Please see below for more information: 
Nannies + more… ® International
places the highest quality of positions in the private industry. These opportunities are considered very marketable to highly seasoned candidates. 

Nannies + more… ® International processes an extremely high volume of clients and placements. 

 Nannies + more… ® International
offers the highest-paying positions and specializes in long-term placements in the Professional Childcare and Household Industry.  

Due to the high volume, there are many positions that do not make it to the website, as we fill with registered placements interviewing within 24-48 hours. 

Therefore, we strongly suggest that you send your information to us right away if you are immediately seeking a new position.

Please note: you must complete the placement process to interview with Nannies + more… ® International Clients.
We are only accepting online acceptions.
To apply, please click below. 


To inquire and follow up: please email

















Nannies + more…® International Owner Rights: 

Nannies + more…® International owns all paperwork/content that is distributed or displayed by Nannies + more…® International, including, but not limited to, NM Work Agreements, Placement Informational Packets, Client Informational Packets, entire contents of the website, social media listings, all prospective placement content, job listings, advertisement content, and any other developed content. All are only allowed use for the Nannies + more…® International placement process. Therefore, any of these documents or any items listed above may not be replicated, photocopied, and/or used except for the distribution of the parties involved in the negotiations and Nannies + more…® International. These are considered to be violations and protected by the Federal and State Uniform Trade Secrets. By using this such content to gain trade secrets, you are in immediate violation of Federal and State Law. O.C.G.A. section 10-1-760, other states that Nannies + more…® International is registered and Federal Law. 

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