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Our Placement Coordinators have over 25 years of Professional Experience placing Household Professionals in the Industry. We recruit Nationally for the finest placements and only represent the most Experienced Household and Childcare Professionals in the Private Home Industry.

Many of our clients find us through word-of-mouth referrals! They want to find their ideal placement and have heard that we can locate the perfect candidate based on their detailed job scope and description.

We will love the opportunity to assist you in your search!

We strive to provide the highest level of quality in every aspect of each search!


There is so much more! Listed below are additional reasons to choose our leading agency: 


We listen to our clients! We hear each and every ideal need(s) and want(s) in their job scope/description, target the ideal candidate, and then confirm interest and availability all based on the client's needs. 


Our Nationwide Placements say we have the hardest selection process in the Industry. If a candidate makes it through our process, they have accomplished a career goal! We are very selective and only seek career professionals! We only represent seasoned candidates and each recognizes

the needs and the importance of the industry. 

We guarantee our work! We offer the longest guarantee in the business. If our placement doesn't work out for performance-based reasons, we will conduct a second search on our client's behalf! We have yet to see anyone match our guarantee in the US or Worldwide!


We want our clients to return to us for their second search for another position! Thereby, we offer the best customer service in the industry, such as unlimited consulting for the client's search. We work on the client's schedule: day, night, and/or on weekends to make sure they receive the highest quality of service.


Our goal in this business is to offer the highest level of satisfaction in the industry! We want our clients to feel that this has been an outstanding experience by only offering custom searches based on the client's job scope and paying attention to all the details! We want this to be an incredible experience for all!  As we often hear from our clients and placements! 



About Us

Nannies + more…® International Placement Coordinators are known as Leading Industry Experts. Many of our Placement Coordinators have 25+ years of Professional Childcare and Household Placement Experience.


Our Placement Coordinators have created, managed, and acted as lead roles in many professional childcare/household groups/networks across the country.


We continue to strive to be the highest quality leaders and serve as an advocate for many professionals in this industry.


This works to clients' advantage(s), as we are able to locate and are connected with the top leading professionals and network groups in the business!  We have established these candidate networks year after year, with now, 25 + years of leaders that specialize in these positions.


We strive in continuing these long-term relationships with our candidates and other industry professionals, as we feel that is is essential to be deeply connected to the industry. 


We have represented clients with many searches, such as a baby nurse, professional nanny, housekeeper, and house management searches and our clients continue to come back to us for their next search.


Our clients have stated we offer a personal one-on-one approach that allows our client to discuss their ideal fit and we work closely with them to identify exactly what they are seeking in the industry.


Additionally. we strive to find the newest up-to-date information on childcare/household practices, continuing education, and staying connected to the leaders and resources of the industry. 


Nannies + more…® International Placement Coordinators have been placed in the U.S., the Caribbean, and Europe by a reputable and professional agency, that gravitates to N+m. We specialize in the recruitment, placement, and most importantly, retention of experienced childcare and household professionals in private homes and estates.


As of January of 2023, our Placement Coordinators have provided searches for Clients in 35 US States, DC & the Caribbean; Australia; Africa; Europe, including France, Turkey, & Italy; and South America, including Argentina.

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